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The Types of Wheeling  page  

Types of Wheeling systems 

In choosing the best type of wheeling system for you, you have three choices:
  • Full wheel
  • Abbreviated wheel
  • Key number wheel

A full wheel always contains ALL the possible combinations that can be made with the group of numbers you select.

The purpose of the full wheel is to give you the best possible shot at a jackpot and multiple lower prizes.

Benefits of Full Wheel: Playing a full wheel gives you maximum coverage of the prizes if some or all of the winning numbers are in the numbers you wheeled. If all of the winning numbers are in the group you wheeled, you are guaranteed to win the jackpot and multiple second and third prizes. Even if you have only some of the winning numbers in your wheel, you are guaranteed to have multiple winning tickets.

Drawbacks of Full Wheel: To put it simply, it's not cheap if you want to wheel large amounts of numbers. For example:

  • A 9 numbers full wheel for a Pick 6 lotto game contains 84 combinations.
  • A 10 numbers full wheel for a Pick 6 lotto game contains 210 combinations.
  • A 11 numbers full wheel for a Pick 6 lotto game contains 462 combinations.
  • A 12 numbers full wheel for a Pick 6 lotto game contains 924 combinations.
  • A 13 numbers full wheel for a Pick 6 lotto game contains 1716 combinations.
  • A 14 numbers full wheel for a Pick 6 lotto game contains 3003 combinations.
  • A 15 numbers full wheel for a Pick 6 lotto game contains 5005 combinations.

An Abbreviated Wheel
is a set of minimum combination that guarantees you a win whenever you match a specified amount of the winning numbers. Below you see an example of an Abbreviated Wheel for a Pick 6 lotto game. It wheels 8 numbers in 7 combinations. If 4 of the 6 winning numbers are among the 8 numbers you wheel, then you are guaranteed to have at least one successful combination matching 4 winning numbers.


1. A B C D E G
2. A B C F G H
3. A B D E F H
4. A C D E F H
5. A D E F G H
6. B C D E F G
7. B C D E G H

And don't forget: You can always win more prizes than the win guarantee.

Benefits of Abbreviated Wheel: It's an economical way to increase your chances of winning! With fewer combinations to play, you can wheel a large amount of numbers at a reasonable cost and still have a win guaranteed. By being able to play more numbers, you greatly increase your chances of having more winning numbers fall into your wheel and cashing in winning tickets!

Drawbacks of Abbreviated Wheel: Even if all the winning numbers fall into your wheel, you're not guaranteed winning a jackpot. However, you could still win multiple prizes, even the jackpot - it's just not guaranteed.

In a Key Number Wheel, one "key" number appears in every combination of the wheel. There are Key Number Wheels which have the same win guarantees as Abbreviated Wheels, but they contain fewer combinations. For a Key Number Wheel to be a guaranteed winner, two conditions must be met:
  • All of the winning numbers must be somewhere in the wheeled numbers, just like in regular wheels.
  • The "key number" which appears in every combination MUST be one of the winning numbers drawn.

Key wheels have fewer sets to bet for a given guarantee, but if you don't hit the key you don't get the win guarantee. Let's do a comparison between a Abbreviated Wheel and a Key Number Wheel:

If you wheel 12 numbers in an Abbreviated Wheel for a Pick 6 lotto game, a four-of-four win would require 132 combinations. In the Key Wheel, though, only 113 combinations would be required. Remember, though, that your "key number" must be among the winning numbers. You should only use the Key Number Wheel when you feel strongly that your "key number" is going to be drawn.

The following is an example of a Key Number Wheel, which wheels eight numbers for a four-of-four win in five combinations. You'll note that the process is the same as for the Full and Abbreviated Wheel except you must write your "key number" under the "KEY" heading.


1. KEY A B C D F
2. KEY A B C E G
3. KEY A D E F G
4. KEY B C D E G
5. KEY B C E F G




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